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About me

Fashion + Portrait Photographer


Arlene Pachasa is an American photographer and personal stylist best known for her portraiture, movie-set stills and photographs of The Cannes Film Festival.  

There is nothing more thrilling to me than to take pictures ...saying something more with images than words can ever say!

My love of fashion took me to Paris to study and then to photograph the French Collections.  My love of black and white pictures led me to work in the offices of Magnum Photos where I was immersed in the stories and images of the world's most esteemed photographers ...Eve Arnold's Marilyn Monroe, Josef Koudelka's Gypsies, Elliott Erwitt's St. Tropez!  Magnum led me to The Cannes Film Festival which I covered with my camera for seven plus years ...the faces behind the films ...actresses, actors, writers, directors and starlets. 

My passion helped me to pursue Hollywood where filmmaking happens.  As Charlize Theron and Ray Liotta's assistant, I captured many behind-the-scenes photographs of their fashion shoots.  Always seeking images purer and more timeless than just pretty, I was drawn to taking portraits.  My styling skills nurtured my photographs!  The blood red dress worn by Charlize to "The Devil's Advocate" premiere was chosen by me and I was hired by the Estate of Frank Sinatra to create fashion and lifestyle images for brand vision and style guidelines books.  Photographing the opening of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Rolling Stones concert were among my favorite assignments.

The excitement for me is always what is presented to me before my camera.  The gift of the moment and the wink of an eye!  To collect muses!

Love brought me back to Cleveland where I was born and raised with a sense of playfulness and a reverence 
for the photographic art!

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